Çukurbağ village - Alaca - Cimbar Boğazı

Day 1: You should start your trek from Cukurbag village and walk to the Emli Bogazi (valley 1.800 metres). After 3 hours of trekking you drive at the Alaca campsite at (2.700 metres).

Day 2: From Alaca you can pass to Tülü (1.800 metres) and walk to Sokulupinar for your second day of camping.

Day 3: You should walk to Arpalık (2.200 metres) and came back from  Cimbar Bogazi (canyon). From there you will descend to Demirkazık and end in Çukurbağ at the pension.


More info will be given about this trek if you make a rezervation in my pension