Already in the early 1900’s researchers, mountaineers and hill walkers visited the Aladaglar (often called the Crimson Mountains). The Aladag mountains are an extension of the Taurus Mountains range, which stretches over a 25 km wide and 40 km long area and has more than 60 peaks that are over 3.000 meter. My family has been living in the Aladaglar since the 1940’s. There are different main entrances to the range that are being used continuously by mountaineers. So whether you want to go trekking for multiple days of prefer day-tours … whether you want to go hiking on your own or with a group the Aladag mountains with summits up to 3.750 meters are there for you.Aladag mountains offer several trekking trips with different difficulty levels, but foremost with stunning views and spectacular tracks. To get adjusted to the altitude and get used to the scenery you should start your treks at the lowest altitude possible. When you go hiking for several days you have to be sure you have enough fresh authentic (non processed/canned) food and we can help you to organise mules and muleteers for the transport of your backpack’s, tents and other necessities.So don’t hesitate to contact us to set up your personal trekking schedule. There are several attractive trekking options for you in the Aladag mountains.


Here are the some trek options with several days that you can do.



You could also to do several day tours on your own.