The Taurus Mountains stretch all the way from Adana (south of Turkey) to Kayseri (south east of Ankara). This rugged range not only divides the Mediterranean coastal region from the central Anatolian Plateau, but it is also situated on two tectonic plates; in the east the Arabian plate and in the west the Anatolian plate. The river Euphrates going all the way to Syria  originates from this impressive range.The highest peeks in the range can be found at Aladag, such as the highest mountain of them all the Demirkazik with a stunning 3.756 metres. And all of this is in our ‘back yard’. The AladaÄŸlar are limestone mountains. There are hardly any trees on the mountains although fresh water from sources is everywhere to be found. Because limestone is a soft stone, the mountains eroded which has led to numerous underground rivers, waterfalls and the biggest of underground caves in Asia. During summertime shepherds and nomads herd their sheep and goats high up in the mountains.