Özsafak Pension has a big balcony overlooking the valley with fruit trees and the Taurus mountains. In the morning you can enjoy the sunrise over the mountains and catch some sun at the balcony. If wanted breakfast and dinner will be served outside. In the afternoon the balcony is in the shade, but the view is still mesmerising. As soon as the sun sets, you’re in for some spectacular views. The Aladaglar will start changing colours every few minutes: from light to intense deep red and then almost grey and black. Özsafak Pension also has a garden. But to be honest it is a project in progress. A part of the garden can be used for parking. The other part can be used to relax. On the base level and down hill our extended orchards start with lush apple, plump, cherry and peach trees. If you cannot find me in summer time, I am most likely picking fruit.