Demirkazık - Cimbar Boğazı - Tekepinarı - Dipsiz Göl

Day 1: You have to start walking from Demirkazik village  and than climb up to Cimbar Vadisi. It is a 3 hours walk from 1.465 metres to 2.200 metres. You can have lunch at the Arpalık plateau. After a little rest/lunch you will continue to walk to Tekepinarı where you can find the best spring water of the area. After another little rest you can pass to Dipsiz Göl (lake) at 2.900 metres, which will take 4 hours more.You can put your tenths up near the lake at 3.100 metres.


Day 2: You should wake up  at 8 o’clock in the morning and return back to pension via Sokulupinar (2.000 metres) camping area than pass to Kuş Kayası (Bird rock) and end up in Çukurbağ.


More info will be given about this trek if you make a rezervation in my pension