Demirkazik - Yedi Goller - Eznevit - Emli valley

Day 1: You will start walking from Demirkazik village and climb up to Cimbar Vadisi. It is a 3 hours walk from 1.465 metres to 2.200 metres. You can have lunch at the Arpalik Plateau. After a little rest/lunch you should continue to your walk to Dipsiz Göl, which will take 4 hours.You will put your tenths up near the lake at 3.100 metres.


Day 2: You should wake up early in the morning and walk to Karayalak. This is a 5 hours walk. It is also possible to continue and pass Emler summit at 3.723 metres, but that will take another 6 hours.So it depends on your walking experience if you are able to make it.


Day 3: this day you will walk to Çelik Buyduran pass, climb Emler mountain (3.723 metres) and camp at Yedi Göller (seven lakes). It is a 7 hours walk from 2.200 metres to 3.723 metres (Emler) and Yedi Göl at 2.950 metres.


Day 4: this day you will have 2 options. First option is to return back to the pension. The second option is keep on walking to Eznevit plateau at 2.400 metres in 6 hours and staying there one more day.


Day 5: You can return back to the pension from Eznevit to Emli valley at 1.950 metres. It is possible to extend this trip with one more day and go to Eznevit and stay there for the night, but it depends on the weather and mainly the wind.


More info will be given about this trek if you make a rezervation in my pension