Meydan plateau - Maden Bogazi (chromium mine area) - Yedi Goller

Day 1: You should start your walk from Pinarbasi village and camp at Maden Bogazi at 2.400 metres. This area is a very wild area that not many people visit. On the way up you will see different kind of spectacular AladaÄŸlar views and the old chromium mine that closed 20 years ago.


Day 2: When you finish to load up your luggage you should start your walk early in the morning. First you will arrive at the second biggest lake of the area called Karagöl (Black lake). With a spectacular view to the northwest we descend via a narrow path where you may meet grazing ibexes. Then you pass to Yildiz Göl (star lake) where you can eat your lunch before going on to Teke Kalesi and Seven Lakes (Yedi Göller) area.You can camp here.


Day 3: You will climb to Emler summit (3.723 metres) and after signing the trekkers book you will go to Çelik Buyduran pass , at 3.100 metres for to eat your lunch. After a little rest you will go on to Karayalak camping area where you can stay the night (6 hours).


Day 4: Today you have 2 options. First option is to return back to the pension. The second option is to go to Emli Valley and stay one more night in the Siyirma valley.


Day 5: Also this day you have 2 options depending on how you feel. First option is to return to the pension.The second option is to send your luggage back to the pension and climb to the Alaca summit of 3.588 metres (8 hours). After returning from the top 4x4 jeep can pick you to bring the pension.


More info will be given about this trek if you make a rezervation in my pension