Trekking one (five days) - from Demirkazik to Kapuzbasi selale(waterfalls)

Day 1: You should leave from Demirkazik village and walk through the Cimbar Bogazi (canyon) to Dipsiz Göl (mountain lake at 2.900 metres) where you will stay the night. This is a 7 hours hike.


Day 2: You should continue your hike to Karayalak or Sokulupinar camping area in 4 hours and have a little rest. You can walk an extra 3 hours in Narpiz valley and come back to Sokulupınar camp area. In total that would make a 6-7 hours walk.


Day 3: From Sokulupinar you pass to Çelik Buyduran pass at 3.400 metres and Emler summit at 3.723 metres. You can camp in the Seven Lakes area called Yedi Göller (7 hours walk).


Day 4: From Seven lakes area you can pass to Hacer valley and sleep there (7 hours walk).


Day 5: Today you hike to directly Kapuzbasi Selale - the seven waterfalls coming from a 3.000 metres high plateau of the Taurus Mountains. On the way and before reaching your picnic site by the river you can visit some villages. At the river there are some perfect pools for a refreshing swim. In the afternoon it is possible to stay over for an extra fifth night at a hotel or campsite. But it is also possible to take a bus to Kayseri and head back to ÇukurbaÄŸ (7 hours walk).


More info will be given about this trek if you make a rezervation in my pension